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  1. ABB adopts Drummer APS

    28-03-2009 | Categoria: News | Tags: ,

    ABB adopted the Drummer APS as a tool for Planning and Scheduling Production to support its Transformers Business Units and also adopted the Drummer Connect for SAP to integrate with SAP ERP.

Why Drummer
is the best choice

It’s the essential tool for the
Production Planner

Eliminates all spreadsheets and parallel controls related to the planning and scheduling of production and materials, through a user-friendly interface with all relevant information to the Planner.

It formalizes the procedures of the Planning Department

The Drummer leads to a formalization of the routines and procedures of the planning department, facilitating the management and evolution of the knowledge.

It eliminates occasional conflicts between sales and production

Enables the generation of production schedules with the consensus and integrated participation of the related areas.

It maximizes your investments
in the ERP

The Drummer suite fills in the blanks left by the traditional ERP systems, providing proper answers to the day-to-day questions of the production.