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Commercialization and Implementation of all modules of the Software Drummer.

Drummer APS

Drummer APS is the core component of the system and responsible to balance and synchronize the production process, based on the production bottlenecks, comprising machines, tools and raw materials. It gives the user the ability to quickly answer to the constant changes in the production process, market demands, always respecting the corporate assumptions and goals. [More]

Drummer QUIZ

Simulates the behavior of the plant before commercial situations. It also analyzes the capacity to fulfill orders, suggesting reliable due dates and showing the throughput that can be achieved with different commercial scenarios. [More]

Drummer MIX

Through this module, you can make simulations and financial analysis having the theory of constraints and throughput accounting as the basis. As a result you can achieve the best production mix that will maximize your financial results, considering the consumption of your constraints: machines, manpower, raw materials and capital. [More]

Drummer PRO

Implements the same basic concepts of Drummer APS, however some specific features have been introduced in order to make it more adherent do process industries, mainly related to bulk production and packaging (pharmaceutical, food & beverages, chemistry..). [More]

Drummer TEAM

Manages the data transfer and creation among the various environments in Drummer APS and the corporate ERP system, when the purpose is to coordinate and synchronize the production of several plants, concentrated or not in the same physical location. [More]

Drummer LINK

Critical to the operation of Drummer APS, this module is responsible to keeping updated all the relevant data to process the system with the current position of the company. By using text files, SQL or native interfaces with the main ERP systems, it allows the information interchange between Drummer APS and the corporate ERP. [More]

Drummer VMI

The Drummer’s Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) module makes possible the electronic inventory data interchange among your company and your customers and suppliers. As a result you can speed up your supply chain operation, eliminating the lateness and inaccuracies of the conventional replenishment systems. [More]

Drummer LEAN

Implemented as part of Drummer APS, the Drummer LEAN was designed to help users to set up and control the kanbans and supermarkets, thus synchronizing the material flow in the plant with the demand levels (mix and volumes). [More]

Drummer Connect for SAP

Drummer Connect for SAP significantly reduces the time, expense and risk of integrating the Drummer Advanced Planning and Scheduling product to SAP® R/3® or mySAP® by providing a pre-built, standardized and supported integration. Fast to implement and easily extensible, it requires no end-user coding to integrate SAP to Linter’s Drummer product. [More]

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ABB adopts Drummer APS

ABB adopted the Drummer APS as a tool for Planning and Scheduling Production to support its Transformers Business Units and also adopted the Drummer Connect for SAP to integrate with SAP ERP.

New website

The new Zuriquer´s website was lanched with a new user interface and simplified information architecture with an easy navigation that facilitate the access to all Drummer Solutions.