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One of the main characteristics of this module is the introduction of the Throughput Accounting concept. The Drummer Mix, having the configuration of products, resources and the company’s financial and commercial profile as the basis, it will simulate and support several strategic and decision processes of the corporation.

Among the resources offered by Drummer Mix, we can point out:

Financial Analysis of the Production Mix Through this function, you can reach the commercial mix with the maximum throughput or ROI, considering constraints related to machines, labor, raw material and capital.

Break-even Point
Defines for a company, product or line, which is the break-even point to get the profitability targets.

Scenarios Generation

You can create, analyze and compare different scenarios, both productive and commercial. The approach here is to view the scenario that will reach the greatest throughput or ROI.

Financial “What if…” Simulations
We can compare the consequences of production or commercial actions from a financial standpoint, that is, the throughput that will be maximized or minimized for the company.

Throughput Analysis
For products, lines, periods, orders, etc… We can analyze if they are profitable (or not…) and compare them.

Real-Time Simulations for Financial Scenarios Based on material costs, sales prices, routings, bills of material and other information related to production process, allows you to create financial scenarios that will support the decision process regarding plant scheduling and commercial policies.

ABC Analysis of the Profitability
Compare orders, products and production lines, grouping them according to their Throughput or ROI.

“Buy or Make” Decisions Simulations
Given a sales plan with orders and forecasts, the Drummer Mix allows you to analyze the impact on the bottom line if a produced item turns into a purchased component or vice-versa.

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ABB adopts Drummer APS

ABB adopted the Drummer APS as a tool for Planning and Scheduling Production to support its Transformers Business Units and also adopted the Drummer Connect for SAP to integrate with SAP ERP.

New website

The new Zuriquer´s website was lanched with a new user interface and simplified information architecture with an easy navigation that facilitate the access to all Drummer Solutions.