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Connect the APS environment with the corporate systems

Today a lot of companies spend great amounts of resources and work, keeping independent databases. They are related to systems like CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), financials and procurement that access ever increasing databases about customers, suppliers, products, orders, etc. Still, disregarding the uncountable amount of data found in spreadsheets created and kept by the same users.

The Drummer LINK embraces a set o procedures which main purpose is to facilitate the process of extracting and transferring the information needed to run the Drummer APS.

This information is related to engineering (routings and bills of material), sales (backlog and forecasts), purchasing (purchase orders), work-in-process (shop orders, work in process) and invoicing (invoices) which should be permanently imported to Drummer APS to reflect the current situation of the plant.

Some functionalities of the Drummer LINK:

Integration with the most common ERP packages
The Drummer LINK shares information with the main ERP business systems in the market: R/3 SAP®, BAAN®, BPCS SSA®, Protheus Microsiga®, Logix Logocenter®, EMS Datasul®.

Multi-Format Data Sharing

Besides the native interfaces, the Drummer LINK allows the user to create a data synchronization process in a variety of formats for those companies using legacy ERP systems. This application enables the user to manipulate Flat Files (TXT, XML), Excel® spreadsheet, and tables of the main relational databases (Oracle®, SQL Server®, Informix® and DB2®).

User-custom Interfaces

Both for native interfaces and those in text, Excel® and SQL formats, the user can freely define the layouts, selection parameters and connection methods.

Some of the benefits achieved with Drummer LINK are:

Availability and Precision of the Data
Once the data exchange with the corporate system is facilitated, the availability of reliable and complete information for the planning process is totally guaranteed.

Implementation Time Reduction

Drummer LINK allows the initial data load process to be quickly processed, so that the implementation can be shortened. The user will concentrate efforts only on configuring the specific scheduling parameters for the Drummer APS. All the structure to set up the data, develop and manage the interface can be reduced.

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ABB adopts Drummer APS

ABB adopted the Drummer APS as a tool for Planning and Scheduling Production to support its Transformers Business Units and also adopted the Drummer Connect for SAP to integrate with SAP ERP.

New website

The new Zuriquer´s website was lanched with a new user interface and simplified information architecture with an easy navigation that facilitate the access to all Drummer Solutions.